From Equalization Schools to Desegregation in Monticello, Georgia: A Historical Sketch

Contributed by: Coddy Carter Looking at the gymnasiums for both the former Washington Park Elementary School and the current Jasper County Middle School, the physical similarities are clear.  Both schools started operation as Jasper County Training School and Monticello High School, respectively, during the 1956-57 school year.  Jasper County Training School housed black students from […]

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This Old Gym

I don’t know too much about the gym that’s pictured at the top of the post. We happened to pass the school seen in the image to the right of the gym on a trip to find Coretta Scott King’s childhood home in Marion, Alabama. On our way back home, we decided to make a […]

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A Space for Organic Historians

Because the organic intellectuals maintain hegemonic relations within the ruling class, the challenge for revolutionary political activity is the development of “permanent persuaders”: a group of organic intellectuals that grows with the subordinated class(es). Organic intellectuals in the subordinated class(es) are defined by social function rather than the characteristics of formal education, cultural distinction, or […]

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